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Item Number Color LED Qty Working Voltage Work Current Wave Length Power (W) Size (mm) Casing Package
WM-RH003-00031-10 Red 3pcs DC12V 20mA 625-630nm 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum Anti-static Bag
WM-GH003-00031-10 Yellow 3pcs DC12V 20mA 590-595nm 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum
WM-BH003-00031-10 Blue 3pcs DC12V 20mA 465-470nm 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum
WM-YH003-00031-10 Green 3pcs DC12V 20mA 515-520nm 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum
WM-WH003-00031-10 White 3pcs DC12V 20mA 6000-9000K 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum
WM-WW003-00031-10 W.White 3pcs DC12V 20mA 2700-3200K 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum
WM-FH003-00031-10 RGB 3pcs DC12V 20mA 2700-3200K 0.24 25*9*4 Aluminum


LED Module, Aluminum LED Module, Waterproof LED modules, LED Module for advertising, LED cluster.
1. CE, RoHS Standard.

2. Advantages of LED Module:Maintenance free & Long lifeLow power consumption & Low voltage operates DC12V.

Fast and easy to install, 3M tape on the module backHigh brightness with no color fade, available in single and multiple colorsViewing angle reach to 140degree

3. Application of LED Module:Cove lighting, Backlight or edge lighting for signageArchitectural lights for canopy, corridor, window, archway as back lightsDIY lights for home useUse in lighting box, channel lettersDecorative lights for holiday, event, show, exhibition

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