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3528 Flexible Led Strip

3528 Flexible Led Strip, 96 leds/m, drip resin waterproof.

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Model Color LED      quantity Luminous Intensity Size WorkingVoltage Power Viewing Angle Waterproof (IP65) Packing
WF-12R96D-3508 Red 96/m 450mcd/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin 5meters/roll, static-resistant bag
WF-12Y96D-3508 Yellow 96/m 450mcd/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin
WF-12B96D-3508 Blue 96/m 400MCD/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin
WF-12G96D-3508 Green 96/m 1200MCD/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin
WF-12W96D-3508 White 96/m 1600MCD/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin
WF-12WW96D-3508 Warm white 96/m 1400MCD/led 8*1000mm DC12V 8w/m 120° Drip Resin

3528 Flexible LED Strip, Waterproof LED Strip Light, SMD LED Strip lihgts, LED strip for decoration


1. The single color color has red, green, blue, white, yellow and so on. The many kinds of light color seven color use RGB three primary colors, may realize the entire color transformation effect;
2. Every 3 are a group, may cut out, also may the multi-groups connect, 3528 powers are 2.5W/0.5M, 5050 power 3.8w/meter;
3. Luminous bright, color gentle, superelevation brightness, may be willfully curving, also may rebate;
4. Uses imports the great size excellent chip, brightness high, the performance is stable;
5. Temperature range: -30C-+70C;
6. Volume size: 5m or 0.5m, the length also may make to order;
7. Mainly uses in bordering, each kind of chase decoration, like hotel, recreation area decoration, ultra thin lamp box and so on; Waterproofing available in outdoors and moist place

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